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Question: What action is the UK taking to tackle climate change?



In response to the threat from climate change developed countries agreed at Kyoto in 1997to legally binding targets to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The UK Government target is by 2010 to reduce emissions by 20% of 1990 levels.

The UK climate change programme adopts many measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. These include a levy (CCL) on businesses for using fossil fuel energy and industry targets to reduce energy use; Grants, advice and tax incentives to promote energy efficiency through the Carbon Trust (Business) and Energy Saving Trust (Domestic); An integrated Transport Policy.

A major plank of the UK Climate Change Programme is the increased use of Renewable Energy. 35% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from energy supply. A target exists for 10% of electricity use by 2010 to be from renewable sources. A legal obligation has been introduced on electricity suppliers to source an increasing amount of their electricity from renewable sources (The Renewables Obligation). Grants have also been provided to support less economic renewable energy technologies, including offshore windpower.