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Question: What are the renewable
technology options?



The mix of different renewable energy technologies used in the UK is a product of capacity in terms of land, fuel, etc the cost restrictions, and technological barriers.

Regional planning assessments of how the 10% renewable electricity target might be met break down contributions from different technologies as follows:

Landfill gas is an established and economic technology, drawing Methane from Landfill Gas Sites. There is a limit to the remaining landfill sites to tap. Biodegradeable waste involves removing the methane from sewage plant, etc. Biomass requires the construction of small power stations designed to burn short rotation crops grown locally. Transport of the crops and providing secure supplies can be an issue. Wave and tidal power is still in experimental stages, but shows promise over the longer term. Most significant hydro-electric opportunities in the uk have already been exploited, a few opportunities exist for small scale projects. Windpower is likely to meet a large amount of the immediate demand for renewable energy because of its cost effectiveness, established and proven technology and the high wind resource in and around the UK – The largest in Europe. The challenge is to develop suitable projects harmonious with the existing landscape.