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Question: How much electricity does
a wind turbine generate?



The amount of electricity generated by a windfarm depends on the number of wind turbines, how big they are, and how windy the location is.

A wind turbine is designed to cope with the maximum wind it will encounter, however the average wind is of course less than this. Typically the wind average capture is about 30% of the turbines peak peformance.

A 1MW turbine capturing 30% of the wind energy over 365 days, each 24hours long would capture the following energy from the wind:

1MW * 30% * 365 days * 24 hours = 2,628 MWh each year.

A typical household in the UK consumes about 4.7MWh of electricity each year. Therefore a 1MW turbine would produce enough electricity for 559 households. A 2MW turbine; 1,200 homes, a 3MW turbine 1,677 homes, etc.

Windier sites would of course produce more electricity, calmer sites, less.