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Question: What do wind turbines
look like?



Projects are developed to fit the landscape appropriately. A large and simple expanse of land may be able to visually accommodate a number of wind turbines; a more complicated and smaller area a smaller number.

Modern turbines vary in size. The towers range from 40m to 100m tall. The length of the blades is approximately half the size of the tower, so a 90m turbine would have blades 45m long.

Planning controls normally require the wind turbines to be painted a colour that fits in with the locality normally a white / grey colour. They must usually all be the same size and turn in the same direction.

The layout is optimised to be aesthetic. This involves using slower turbines if possible, reducing views of turbines behind each other which can be distracting, etc.

Photomontages are created using computer graphics to show how different plans will look from a variety of viewpoints. These are used to design the project to fit in with the landscape. Landscape architects give their opinion as part of the planning application.

The best way to understand what a wind project might look like is to visit one. REP can give information about windfarms to visit.