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Consulting Services


Consulting Services


Project Presentation

REP provide industry leading project presentation services to the windfarm sector. REP have a subsiduary; Virtual Landscapes Ltd, who have developed some of the most advanced project presentation techniques including videomontages and interactive websites. Some examples of services are provided below.

Interactive maps, animations, and photomontages

Computer fly-bys



Complete project websites


Community Engagement

REP provide leading community engagement services using interactive websites, door to door mailings, exhibitions, etc.

REP use online public consultations to gather information on public concerns that can then be addressed. These consultations also provide statisitical information about public opninon, which is helpful in explaining the true nature of publc opinion to planning authorities.

REP have been commended by the Welsh Assembly for their community engagement practices.


General Consultancy

REP also offer general windpower consultancy services, benefiting clients with REP's own extensive first hand experience of windfarm development.

Please contact REP for more information.