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Income from wind turbines can be a useful diversification for landowners. Income levels vary significantly depending on the size, location and economics of each projects.

REP offer flexible terms to suit the specific needs of each landowner. A landowner may wish to receive a monthly rental or an up front payment. They may wish to receive a fixed income or a share of project returns.

A wind project takes up very little land space and most landuses continue unaffected. Please see Question 12 - How will a wind project affect the existing land use?

Wind energy projects can be locally sensitive. REP consult the landowner on the boundaries of what schemes they will be content with. REP then develop projects with the greatest sensitivity.

Local support for projects is pursued through consultation with the local community on the design of projects and creating benefit for the local community through investment opportunities, electricity purchase and community funds as appropriate.

If you would like REP to review the potential for wind energy on your property and explain the potential for additional income please contact us for an informal discussion.