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Windarm Development

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Our Approach

Renewable energy projects are local projects. REP believe that the local community should take a significant role in the shape of any projects in their area. Proper consultation is key to designing appropriate projects.

Benefit for the local community from projects reflects the local siting of any project. REP prefer to structure projects with a local benefit. This may be a financial benefit if the project is large enough to support this, or the opportunity to invest in a local project or to receive renewable electricity.

REP form partnerships with local communities: local authorities, farming groups, etc to deliver the renewable energy solutions desired by them.

If you would like to talk to REP about renewable energy solutions in your area please contact us.

Example developments:

Maerdy Windfarm: www.maerdywindfarm.co.uk

Newton Down Windfarm www.newtondownwindfarm.co.uk