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Typically development of a project from conception to construction takes at least 3 years.

Projects are designed to take account of the local flora, fauna; archaeology and heritage. Noise is rarely a problem with modern wind turbines, but projects are designed to avoid any issues. Interference with military, aviation and telecommunication systems are avoided through detailed studies.

The new visual landscape including the project is modelled using computer graphic and photomontage imaging. The wind climate is assessed and energy yield modelled to forecast electricity generation.

Projects take around 6 months to construct, depending on their size. The construction programme is designed to minimise interference with local traffic, existing land use, etc.

During operation agricultural or other landuse activities normally continue right up to the base of the turbine and the land area used by the project is negligible. The turbines are controlled by an offsite operations office and only require occasional maintenance visits. The design life of modern turbines is around 20 years after which they can be readily removed due to their modular construction.