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Why Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy

Why renewable    energy?

• Harmonious with the   local environment

• Development,   Construction and   Operation

• Benefit for All

• Questions

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"An Inconevnient Truth" Film documentary by Al Gore, former US President, on Climate Change

Welsh Assembly Government - Policy on windfarms (TAN8) (also includes guide to renewable energy)
DTI - UK Government site on renewable energy
DEFRA - Uk Government site on climate change
UK Climate Impacts Programme - Information on climate change

DWIA - Know How Guide to Wind Energy
Embrace Wind - Answers to frequently asked questions on wind power from the British Wind Energy Association
The Carbon Trust - Free advice and financial assistance to companies and other organisations on saving energy
Energy Saving Trust - Free advice and grants for saving energy in the home and in vehicles
Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF - Yes2Wind joint website with information about windpower
Friends of the Eart

Educational Resources
The PowerEd Website - Advice for Schools on teaching about renewable energy
Action Renewables – Education Resource Materials
Cassop Primary School – UK’s first school wind turbine.
OrdnanceSurvey - GIS site
Centre for Alternative Technology
EcoTech Centre, Norfolk
Green Energy