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Renewable Energy

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Wind energy projects will deliver the bulk of renewable energy in the UK over the next five to ten years. Wind turbines are a new feature on the landscape and REP believe they must be integrated carefully and under strict control.

Obligations exist to accept some changes to our local environment for the wider benefit of the global environment. The challenge is to strike the correct balance.

To deliver balanced solutions REP work closely with local government planners; environmental protection organisations and local communities, incorporating their objectives into its project developments.

Projects are scaled to fit appropriately with the local environment. The largest project is not always sought, but that which strikes a correct balance.

Many areas of the uk are designated for the protection of heritage, natural beauty or unique habitats and species. REP avoid these areas or adapt projects completely to cater for and respect the local conditions. REP also develop sites near urban areas, business parks and major existing infrastructure such as railways and motorways.